Social Impact Game Launched by Becker College, MassDiGI, and Silicon Valley Community Foundation

posted: Oct 09, 2016

Sunday, October 9, at the Silicon Valley Community Foundation Innovation Conference in San Francisco, Calif., Becker College, MassDiGI, and the Silicon Valley Community Foundation (SVCF) launched a fun, fast-moving, and free social impact game addressing the challenging issues around income inequality, economic insecurity, and the wealth gap. The game, Lotto Boxes, is designed to prompt conversations among young people inside the classroom and across communities.

“As has become increasingly apparent, there is a widening income and equality gap between the richest and poorest Americans,” said SVCF CEO and President Emmett Carson, Ph.D. “We hope this game can become an important tool in educating and creating empathy among young people that will help change this situation.”

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Petricore, Inc. served as the development team from initial conception all the way to submission to both the app stores and continues to play a part in the direction of the game.