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What is Petricore?

Petricore (/ˈpɛtrɪkɔːr/) is the digital scent produced when games are developed in our office. When translated into English: “The Smell of Great Games”

Petricore, Inc. is an interactive software development company located in Worcester, MA that specializes in full-service game development. Founded in early 2015, the Petricore team has successfully completed over 40+ projects for clients, with that number growing each day.

If you’re looking for a capable, fast, and flexible team that can be with you every step of the way, look no further than Petricore.

Meet the Team

Our team of talented designers and developers are ready to make your project a success!



Chances are if you’re working with Petricore you’ll be working with Ryan. As CEO Ryan handles day to day business operations, as well as our external collaborations with our clients. Ryan also taught at Becker College.



Known by most as just “Spav,” as CTO he leads our client project software development, and software development team. Spav has been programming for over 10 years and contributed to numerous projects.


Lead Artist

Our multi-talented lead artist capable of creating any 2D or 3D assets we could possibly need. Christina works tirelessly to create and guide a vivid and beautiful art style for all our games and client projects.


Lead Design & Senior Software Developer

The creative genius, Oliver guides the creative vision for our games helping bring them from tiny prototypes to big bursts of fun. He’s also a talented senior software developer, quickly conveying design ideas into code.


Software Developer

A Software Developer at Petricore, Dan contributes his skills on a variety of projects both internally, and with our clients. Dan also has an excellent eye for design, and was a three-time intramural dodgeball champion at the University of Illinois.


Software Developer

A Software Developer at Petricore, Karina works on a variety of projects internally and with our clients. Karina graduated from Northeastern University with a Masters in Game Design. When she isn’t working Karina enjoys singing karaoke and baking.


Contract Audio Production

Renzo is our not-so-silent partner at Petricore (because he makes music and sound effects!) A Graduate of Berklee College of Music, with extensive experience creating music and sounds for games, Renzo helps us getting everything sounding perfect.


Contract Software Developer

Ezra is a Contract Software Developer at Petricore, helping us fill in the gaps for many of our client projects. When he isn’t helping us he’s working on numerous personal projects and games.

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