We were recently include in a Unity blog post featuring the nominees for an AWE Auggie Award that were developed in Unity.

Best Game or Toy – Petricore AR Experiments

Not one, not two, but all of the experiments housed in the Petricore AR Experiments app were created using Unity’s AR Foundation. This whimsical collection of activities includes taking a family photo, petting a virtual dog, mixing paint colors from the real world, and more. This eclectic app is a celebration of AR.

The AR Paint Bucket game is one of our experiments where a player places an AR paint bucket and has to grab colors from the real world to mix and match a given target color. Our inspiration for this was the TikTok trend of people trying to guess the color of mixing paint. We used Unity to develop the Paint Bucket game, relying primarily on AR Foundation. AR Foundation/Unity made it really easy to jump in and build something that’s fun quickly, which was our goal with these experiments.

– Oliver Awat, Lead Designer & Senior Developer, Petricore

Read more here: https://blog.unity.com/manufacturing/the-metaverse-minute-auggie-awards-edition