Lightship Demo

Niantic Launches Lightship & Includes our Demo!

Today Niantic officially released their ARDK Lightship, and you can watch the keynote address here. Petricore was fortunate to have access to Lightship early to create a demo using the tech, we called Interdimensional Camera. Interdimensional Camera was a series of small microgames users played in AR, that made use of Lightship’s sky segmentation, plane detection, and meshing.

Niantic included us in their developer showcase that you can find here. You can watch our Lead Designer & Senior Software Developer Oliver Awat, and additional team members discussing what they created for Lightship over a 1 week game jam.

We’re excited to continue working with Lightship, in addition to the other AR platforms we develop in. If you’re interested in learning more about the work we do, or discussing a Lightship project you can contact us here.