Meet the Team Monday – Sean Sarmiento

Junior Software Developer

This week we’re speaking with our Junior Software Developer Sean, let’s go!

Question #1) What do you do at Petricore?

I’m a software developer at Petricore, where I’m working on building game demos in emerging tech, such as AR/VR.

Question #2) Where did you grow up? Where did you go to school?

I grew up in Spencer, MA just outside of Worcester. I originally went to Becker College for 3 years, before it unfortunately closed, and from there I finished my last year at Clark University also in Worcester.

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What we imagine Sean will have one day

Question #3) What do you like to do outside work?

Outside of work I like to play and make games, working on some of my own side projects. I play both acoustic and electric guitar, and I also sing to myself while playing (though I wouldn’t call myself a good singer.) Usually I like to sing some kind of pop song like Take on Me, or songs by Bruno Mars.

Question #4) If you could have any famous place/building all to yourself, where would it be?

I’d pick an amusement park. I’ve never been to Disneyland before, so with that all to myself I can have a really good first visit with no lines.

Question #5) What is your favorite, and then your least favorite chore to do?

My favorite chore is probably doing my laundry, and my least favorite chore is doing the dishes (though I’ll still do them.)

Question #6) What are you most looking forward to happening next year?

Right now I’m looking forward to PAX East next year, especially seeing new games and trying out games still in development. I also really enjoy seeing all the other attendees and people in cosplay.

Question #7) What are some of your favorite games?

Some of my all time favorites are The Last of Us Part 1, Vallorant, and Assassins Creed 2. Though I enjoy playing a wide variety of games.


Question #8) Do you have any pets, if so what, and what are their names?

I have a French bulldog named Buddha.

Question #9) If you could create any type of game, what genre would it be?

I really like the “choices matter” choose your own adventure style games, like Life is Strange. Making a game like that would be really cool, though difficult to manage all the branching narratives if I’m working on it alone.

Question #10) What’s a hidden talent/hobby of yours people might not know about?

I don’t think most people know that I can play the guitar. I have tinkered with the insides of old phones before as well, sometimes successfully.

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Crunch bar

Question #11) What are some of your favorite TV shows/movies?

I watch a really wide variety of TV and movies. I really enjoy comedies, like Brooklyn 99. I enjoyed the Flash TV show, though I have one more season to catch up on. For movies, I love all the Marvel movies, specifically Endgame was great. I also like watching animated shows like Bojack Horseman. I also really enjoyed the anime movie, Your Name.

Question #12) What’s your favorite type of candy?

The Crunch Bar.