Traveling Merchant

Traveling Merchant

Characters Concept Art / Sketches

Llama Sketch
Child Sketch


Work in progress items, keys, chests, etc

Mini Games

Work in progress mini games


Binary Combat

Catch the Banana

Smash the Rock

Llama Lane Runner

3 Card Monte

Work In Progress concept


Work in progress UI

Pre / Pax East

We brought our demo to PAX East 2016, below are the concept sketches and version we used for that event. This was for a working build for testers as well.

Post PAX East

Below are the concepts for what the main shop area may become. These changes were made after PAX East ended. This was for internal development only.


Work in progress marketing

App Icon Concepts

Started Icons used for the PAX East build

Old Banner and Business Card Concepts

Work In Progress Art for a Trailer

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