Paint Mix

Paint Mix

Experiment #1 – Paint Mix

This experiment is a part of our Augmented Reality Experiments projects, where Petricore spends R&D time pushing the bounds with AR technology & tools to further our understanding of the technology and discover new ways to play with the world around us.

This AR Experiment was influenced by the real-world tiktok trend of people trying to guess the final color of mixed paint. In our experiment you can grab colors from the real world, combine them in a digital paint bucket, watch them mix together, and try to match a target color that we provide as close as possible. It’s oddly very compelling, and we’ve found ourselves playing it a lot in the office trying to hunt down objects that have the right shade of green or blue to try to match the given color.

See below to learn more about this Experiment.

Video Demo



You’ll be able to download this experiment, and others, soon. In the meantime you can follow us on social media for updates on our AR projects.

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