Operation DogFight

What Is Operation DogFight?

Take to the skies as the goodest boys and girls and face off against the evil cat army! Experience over-the-top flight combat gameplay in a thrilling Story Mode that’ll leave your tail wagging, or fetch up to three of your bestest friends and compete to see who’s the top-dog in local multiplayer.


Story Mode – Conflict between cats and dogs is not just a cliche in this society, it’s a way of life. Play through a series of story missions against the claws of the cat empire by yourself or with a friend in co-op!

Local Multiplayer – Duke it out with up to three of your bestest friends and compete to see who the top dog is.

Customization and Unlocks – Stand out from the rest of the pack and unlock a number of unique breeds of pups each with their own talents and personalities. Load up your plane with a wide range of wacky canine weaponry such as the tennis ball machine gun and the homing frisbee launcher.

No Pilot’s Licence Required – No longer do you need to have a pilot’s license to take a seat in the cockpit! Operation DogFight features a variety of easy to pick-up and play keyboard, mouse, and controller layouts.

Operation DogFight Gameplay

Launching 2021 on Consoles and PC

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