Operation DogFight

What Is Operation DogFight?

Take to the skies in a world of conflict between humankind’s best friends in Operation DogFight! Fetch up to three of your bestest friends to compete and see who the top-dog is in frantic local multiplayer action.


  • LOCAL MULTIPLAYER – Fetch up to three of your bestest friends and compete in intense local multiplayer action and see who is the top dog.
  • MULTIPLE MAPS – Take to the Agility Course to test your ability to fly through hoops, get in some canine canyon craziness in Jurassic Bark, or shrink down and duke it out in the Living Room!
  • DOGS! – Choose from multiple breeds. Will you play as Boomer the Saint Bernard and soak in the damage, or Ace the Labrador Retriever and zip around the course at high speeds?
  • ACHIEVEMENTS – Multiple achievements for you to unlock!
  • CAT BATTLES – Spice up your matches with a few Cat AI planes for some truly chaotic dogfighting action.

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