Gelato Flicker

Gelato Flicker

It’s creamy, it’s dreamy, it’s Gelato Flicker! Are you ready to serve up scoops of endless ice cream fun?

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Phone Screen

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Think you have what it takes to run your own Ice Cream Shop? Start from humble beginnings at an Ice Cream Stand and work your way up to your very own Ice Cream Planet!

In Gelato Flicker, you’ll serve up different flavors of Ice Cream to your hungry customers with just a flick! Keep flicking at a steady pace as you race against the clock! Keep an eye open for scooptacular time-based power-ups like the Trending Scoop, Rush Hour & Golden Scoop. Be careful, if you mess up the customer’s order, it’s game over! Advance through the days of the week to upgrade your location!

Nothing can stop you from being the ultimate Gelato Flicker!

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Mighteor Spotlight!

We provided our game “Gelato Flicker” to be used by the team at Mighteor as part of their platform using games to help children with ADHD learn to better control their emotions. Check out this awesome article about what they’re doing in the Wall Street Journal! –

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Worcester-based Petricore Inc. continues to grow in its first year

Less than a year after incorporating and earning one of StartUp Worcester’s new entrepreneurial awards, Petricore Inc. continues to grow its reputation and product line.  The game company has released its newest game, “Gelato Flicker,” on IOS, with a release for Android systems expected later this month. In addition, the company has expanded into new […]

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Mobile Game Roundup: Headshot Heroes, Gelato Flicker and More

From Petricore Inc. and Thumbspire, Gelato Flicker challenges players to serve as many ice cream cones as possible by swiping to send the right ice cream scoops to the right cones at the edge of the screen. When a single customer wants more than one scoop, players may need to tap on the screen to change […]

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