About DogFight

DogFight is an airplane combat game where the pilots are dogs.

The Story of DogFight

Conflict between cats and dogs is not just a cliché in this aircraft-centric society -- it’s a way of life. Through the continued progress and modernization of the world, Cat-Dog peace was eventually achieved, and a new era of flight travel reigns supreme.

After 100 years of aircraft development (or something like that), tensions arise between the two nations as the technological gap becomes more apparent. Dogs have managed to develop and specialize into three factions of air travel while Cats lag behind. Talks of revolution have sparked as a charismatic feline leader takes the charge.

Slowly, methodically, the Cat takeover begins to take effect. Taking the numbers advantage over the separated canine factions, the Cats unite under one leader and systematically take control. The period of peace had thoroughly come to an end.

Our story begins with the secret fourth faction. They stayed away. They saw it happen. Now it’s time to take it back.

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