Last Call with Ryan Canuel, game developer

posted: Jul 12, 2018

Ryan Canuel is the co-founder and CEO of Petricore, Inc., an interactive software development company in Worcester. Canuel’s team specializes in games, a fact which made him extraordinarily popular during a recent Q&A with 30 perspective developers ranging in age from 9-10 years old. I tagged along to watch him inspire the next generation of Central Mass. artists, programmers and game designers. The questions are all theirs.

What is your favorite game that Petricore has created? My favorite game is called Mind the Arrow; it’s a matching puzzle game. It’s a lot like Simon Says. You can find it on both the Apple Store and Google Play. The goal is to match a pattern in the corner of the screen with a pattern in the middle by tapping dots to mirror the design. You’re trying to do as many puzzles as you can in a short amount of time. Once you get to a certain point, it starts to get harder and it begins to twist and spin around. You have to use the arrow to gauge which way the dots will line up. We did another game, called Gelato Flicker, that’s also a matching puzzle game. You swipe through to sort different gelato based on orders that come in from customers.

Have you ever eaten the gelato at VIA? No, but maybe I should talk to them about a partnership.

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