Innovation Spotlight: Petricore Games Wants the World to Play Along

posted: Dec 22, 2017

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Spotlight Profile
Company: Petricore Games
Interviewee: Ryan Canuel, Co-Founder and CEO

When most people think about video games, they are reminded of big name companies like Bungie, Valve, and Blizzard. These giant studios, known as AAA companies, can be found clustered in techie hotspots like Washington, California, Montreal, and even our very own Boston. But while big cities tend to attract big companies, there are many cases where innovative game creators are much closer to home.

Petricore Games is one such example. Located in Worcester, MA, the company got its start two years ago when founder Ryan Canuel, just about to make his way out of college, was approached by a teacher who planted the idea of starting his own business in his head. Although Canuel grew up in the woods catching frogs and other fun “disgusting” stuff, as he got older, he started playing video games. That hobby bloomed into a passion for design, and eventually his first business plan.

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