Happy New Year from Petricore!

posted: Dec 31, 2016

As 2016 comes to an end and we begin our journey into 2017, I thought it would be a great time to take a look back through 2016 to see everything we accomplished as a company. As a young company (with young founders too) we’ve encountered our fair share of hurdles, but despite that, this has been an amazing year for us. Let’s take a look at why!

We went to so many awesome events

To start, we got the chance to attend or sponsor so many wonderful events this year. The MassDiGI Game Challenge, GDC, PAX East, Boston FIG, The Worcester Game Pile, Venture Meets, Touch Tomorrow and
many, many more! 2017 will be no different, and we even plan on adding a few more events to that roster, which we hope to see many of you at.

We grew our amazing team

This year we got to welcome some new additions to the team, all of which were fundamental in helping us reach an awesome year. Whether they were an intern learning some new skills, a QA tester, a programmer for some creative projects, or helping us at the many events we attended; the people that joined us (even if only for a brief time) were a big part of our success this year. A HUGE thanks to everyone that helped make this year special for us.

We hit our goals… big time!

We’re a startup company, and on top of that we’re a 100% employee-owned bootstrapped company. As such being cash-flow positive is critical for our success. This has not been easy at times, but the team stuck through and eventually we came out positive. This year we set a significant financial goal compared to last year, but I strongly believed that it was possible for us to meet. I’m excited to announce that we not only met that goal, but exceeded it, and earned 126% of our goal!

There was much more that happened this year that was exciting for us. We won a few awards, got to speak at a number of events, and released projects that are now available all over the world. This year wasn’t without it’s failures however, but after each one we took a hard look, assessed what we could do to improve, and moved forward with a new and better path. As we journey into 2017 there will be many more failures, but I’m confident there will be many more times the number of successes. We’ve set some incredible goals, and we can’t wait to share many of them with you next year.

So, from myself and everyone else at Petricore, Happy New Year! Thank you for following us, and we look forward to giving you much more to see in 2017!

– Ryan