ETAwiz lets you share your destination and arrival time with your friends, family, co-workers and employees in real-time. In addition to sharing, you can request an ETA from one or more people in your contact list or through social media.

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How often are you waiting for someone and don’t know how long they’ll be? ETAwiz helps solve this problem by allowing each person to request or share arrival times.

ETAwiz makes it easy for those who don’t have the app yet. When you invite someone to a session, they will receive a text message with a link to download the app & join the session

Key Features:
– Share & Request ETAs with contacts & social media
– Web app for those who do not have ETAwiz installed
– Auto session start upon leaving starting point.
– Two way ETA sharing to a destination
– In-session privacy: Location, time & distance sharing permissions
– Facebook Integration: Post your ETA to your wall
– Recent Contacts & Destinations – Stored for faster use
– Text message notifications for invites & alerts
– In-Session Changes: Change destination and invite more people


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