Boston Festival Of Indie Games!

posted: Sep 12, 2016

Boston Festival of Indie Games

September 10th, 2016

Last weekend we went to the Boston Festival of Indie games. We started our day of with a dying tire; we know it’s a cliché for a last minute problem to appear but we find it hilarious none the less. Thanks to the amazing and wonderful Christian DLC we got there on time.  We got set up to show off our new game Battery Boy! A Frogger-like game where the screen starts to turn as the player moves achieves a higher score. It also changes depending on the battery life of the device the user has, which changes the brightness and pace of the game you’re playing. We were happy to see lot’s of people come up and enjoy Battery Boy.

On another note we were super excited to see our friends with their own booths, prototypes, giant killer robots and demos. To start, we had our friends at Contigo Games showing off StarCrossed: a co-op bullet hell where you toss a star back and forth between you and a friend to destroy enemies while simultaneously dodging enemy bullets. They always had a large crowd that was smiling and excited to see people play. Go check them out on Facebook and their website

We visited our friends at Zephyr Workshop  down stairs who were demoing their amazing robot strategy game Aegis. It’s always great to see the awesome additions they add to their game. Also they’re generating hype for their Kickstarter coming soon! Be sure to check them out on their Facebook or their Website.

We also saw other fantastic Indie titles like: Signal Decay, a co-op stealth game. RYB developed by FLEB, an amazing put together puzzle game. Blade Ballet, which won the best Digital Multiplayer & Connected Gameplay and also has the amazing Martin Wong working with them, who previously interned with us.

Thanks again to everyone who came out to our booth and really made our day!